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New Product: Shelby ‘Venice’ Wheel for the 2005+ Ford Mustang



Shelby Performance Parts (SPP), a division of Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK), is introducing a line of premium performance equipment for 2005-2015 Ford Mustangs, beginning with the 20” Venice wheel. Designed by Shelby American and built exclusively for the company by WELD Racing, the Venice one piece forged wheel is light, strong and allows the fitment of wider tires to 2005+ Ford Mustangs, including Shelby models. The wheel will debut at the Las Vegas SEMA show in the WELD Racing booth (#24957).

“Shelby American’s reputation for superior performance was earned by combining brilliant innovation with smart engineering,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American and co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “Global distribution of the 2015 Ford Mustang is opening new markets for Shelby, especially for equipment that leverages leading-edge composites and innovative manufacturing methods. From Honolulu to Hong Kong and points between, Shelby parts put people at the front of the pack.”

Shelby American’s Venice wheel is a forged aluminum work of art, saving not just overall vehicle weight, but also rotational mass. Available in 20” X 9.5” and 20” X 10.5” sizes, they are stronger and lighter than stock units, slashing as much as 20 lbs. of weight from the car. Finishes for the ten spoke wheel include polished, black and black with a machined face. The wheels are available as of Oct. 27 to customers worldwide at http://www.shelbystore.com.

“WELD Racing is thrilled to be an official supplier to Shelby American,” said Norman Young, president and CEO, WELD Racing. “WELD Racing and Shelby are both iconic names with unmatched history of engineering higher levels of performance, making this partnership an excellent fit for years to come.”

Hand forged and finished by master craftsmen, Shelby’s Venice wheels rival those from premium European manufacturers. Yet like Shelby vehicles, they were designed and built in the United States.

“While many companies use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to put multi-piece wheels created for Camaros and Challengers on the car, our new wheel was designed to specifically for the Mustang from the beginning,” said Akos Feher, vice president of operations at Shelby American and Shelby Performance Parts. “Venice exemplifies Shelby’s ‘no compromise’ attitude.”

A leading manufacturer of premium racing, performance and truck wheels for over 45 years, WELD Racing only uses forged aluminum for more strength, less weight and greater consistency from wheel to wheel. WELD Racing’s street wheels are tested and produced by the same people on the same equipment to the same quality control standards as their racing units.

The Venice wheels start at $1,150 each plus shipping, applicable taxes and handling. Customers worldwide can purchase a set atwww.shelbyperformanceparts.com or by calling (702) 405-3500.

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[Source: Shelby Performance Parts]

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